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For the first time in Ukraine and CIS countries an Ukrainian company OSV Technologiya present absolutely a new product― OSV decorative panels, intended simultaneously for decision three task:

• decoration
• heat insulation
• sound insulation
Layers of OSV Decorative thermal panels
Panels consist from two layers:
1. Composite mineral, which is environmentally safe, incombustible product, excellent imitates the natural textures of stone, wood, brick, leather and so on.
2. Polyurethane foam, which is the best material for heat insulation in the world.
On the basis of production technology such panels is simple and effective idea –usage for finishing walls of one material (OSV panels) instead of two (heat insulation material and décor).
Features of OSV panels
1. Decrease costs on heating to 50%
2. Sound insulation
3. Ecological compatibility
• Raw materials is safe for health
• Utilization as home waste
4. Simple and fast installation
• Weight of panel is about 4 kg
• Fastening on glue or on screws
5. Wide range of textures
• Stone
• Brick
• Wood
• Leather
• Special effects
6. Durability
7. Simplicity facade care
8. Uniform seamless surface 
Polyurethane foam –effective heat insulation
Layers of OSV Decorative thermal panels


Тechnical data of OSV thermal panels
Characteristics Data
Weight, kg
Thickness, mm  from 20 till 40
Density, kg/м3  48-53
Thermal conductivity, V/m °С 0,025
Vapour permeability, m (mg/(m h Pa) 0
Cold resistance no more 150 cycles
Inflammability (fire certificate)  G-3
Dehumidification % no more than 2-3
Content of closed cells, % 95
Temperature life, °С from -50 till +50
Durability 15-25 years

How works isolation layer          

                                               Without a panel           

How works isolation layer without a panel

        •Temperature “zero” roves inside wall
• If wall have moisture then in this point it is changed into ice when it widen it is destroyed wall.
• Insufficient thickness of wall radiates to 80% heat, taking from room
• Inside room it is enough cold during work of heaters at full capacity


How works isolation layer with OSV panels

       With OSV panels

• Temperature “zero” is inside of layer of heat insulation
• In this way heat insulation the wall perform the function of heat generator, compensates temperature drops inside room.