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Catalogue for cladding thermal panels

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OSV Decorative thermal panels for the interior                          OSV Decorative thermal panels for facades

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New material for façades decoration

Modern building is impossible without qualitative and, at the same time, beautiful decoration materials, which often become the final chord in the construction of building project. But not only beauty influences the final choice of products, that will be the basis of facade decoration. It is very important that they keep the warmth and coziness inside the building all year round. Therefore, today it is applied the additional protection of the building - the outer insulation.

But how to combine the insulation material with the decorative one? Our company has the answer. this product is the decorative wall panels, that are also called thermal panels. These products are essentially a composite material, consisting of layers of insulation and decorative materials. Such a tandem acts several functions at the same time: thermal insulation of the building and refining of the exterior.

Thermal panels have recently appeared on the domestic market. But these products steadily gain the popularity among the builders and consumers. By these materials one can provide the building with the imitation of practically all surfaces, and even achieve a visual effect of handmade cladding. Panels for facades imitating brick are easy in operation: for installation there is no need in any special knowledge and much time.

The catalogue presents a large number of colours and textures of thermal panels, and while decorating the building, one may use one type of material or a combination of matching colours. Thus, the customer will be able to realize all his ideas and fantasy regarding exterior design.

Panels for facades imitating brick give the building not only the perfect look, but also provide it with a highly efficient thermal insulation. Experts found out, that these materials allow to make thermal insulation four times better and they also reduce financial costs for heating the rooms in the building. Besides, decorative wall panels can serve for decades without losing all of its original characteristics.

Installation requirements and details

How to achieve a high-quality thermal insulation of the walls? First of all, use a wonderful material - polyurethane foam. It perfectly keeps the heat during the cold weather and provides ventilation in hot weather without any overheating. As panels for facades imitating brick have two layers, then there may be some questions about their physical properties or exfoliation. However, it doesn't matter, bacause the production technology of these panels completely excludes such cases.

Installation of thermal panels does not require the use of special equipment and auxiliary machinery, because the whole process is done manually. The installation should be overlapping because thus one can avoid the appearance of «cold bridges» and formation of condensation. Of course, everyone heard about the danger of liquid for decoration materials. It affects their structure and causes fungus and mold. The front ceramic layer of the material saves it from these negative consequences. Decorative wall panels are quick and easy in installation. Before starting the process it is important to mark out the wall, using the level gauge in order to make perfect and regular installation. After that the workers cover it with a special adhesive compound. Additionally the panels are fixed by several screws. However, that's not all. To achieve the best aesthetic characteristics the seams between the panels are filled with a special acrylic compound and then they are treated till the perfect view.

In general, cladding work of the wall by thermal panels looks like this: one chooses the raw material and buys it; the workers mark out the wall, where there are mounted plastic rails; then they install the panels. These works can be carried out in any season of the year. Panels for facades imitating stone do not depend on any certain weather and temperature. However, all works with the seams should be better done in warm temperatures..

Modern panels have a light weight. Even the weight of panels with a thick front layer and a deep texture does not exceed 6-7 kg. Therefore, panels can be easily picked up and fixed by one person. Besides, ther are no limitations for the usage of these systems. They can be installed on any ground. Such an advantage is especially important for restorations, when one needs to hide some visible defects of the building.  

Features of thermal panels

Therefore, one can make an interesting conclusion about thermal panels: they reduce the costs for heating the building, provide excellent thermal insulation and waterproofing, minimize the appearence of harmful

Decorative wall panels got these unique properties thanks to the high-quality production technologies and raw materials. It has already been mentioned above that the basic material of thermal panels is polyurethane foam. It is extremely durable, but it has a weak side too: the devastating effect of ultraviolet radiation. But to protect it from the harmful effect of the sun it is covered with a front layer of composite material, consisting of several components. It is pure and non-toxic, do no harm the environment, people and it is non-inflammable. This composite material is interesting not only for builders, but also for manufacturers, sculptors, advertisers. .