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Decorative thermal panels

Decoration of all buildings - private, office or industrial ones, using the latest facade systems becomes more and more popular among the various real estate owners and operators of building materials market. Thermal panels for facades also refer to such systems. And popularity of this product is really well deserved and explicable.

Our company produces a wide range of these panels. They perfectly reproduce surfaces of various materials: starting from natural stone to leather texture. Our thermal panels are successfully used for cladding works in all regions - both in the hot south and in the cold north. Besides, the installation is very easy - it may be done even by people without any building or construction skills. And it's not a surprise, because this material refers to the group of DIY (i.e. «Do it yourself») products.

Thermal panels for facades have a long service life, which is more than several decades. And the most interesting: during this period the panels keep their aesthetic and practical features. Our company produces thermal panels not only for the exteriors, but also for decoration and insulation of inside walls of the building.

Advantages of decorative thermal panels

Our products have a wide range of advantages:

  • Effectiveness. Thanks to their production peculiarities and design thermal panels for facades act two functions at the same time. First of all, they provide thermal insulation of the building, as well as decorative cladding.
  • High heat insulation features. Provided by the seamless installation along the rails.
  • High waterproofing properties. Thus, walls and facades surface is saved from natural influences and moisture. In addition, the front mineral layer of the panels resists mold and fungus.
  • Assortment breadth. The consumer can choose decorative panels from dozens of colours and textures, that will help to design the buildings decor.
  • Durability and easy operation. Thermal panels do not require any maintenance service during their operation. Their production technology in conditions of high temperature quenching provides a desirable solidity and aesthetic characteristics, that remain for decades. Durability and reliability of thermal panels are proved by long operation in many regions of Europe, Africa and the CIS countries.
  • Light weight. Thanks to this property, the building construction does not require any additional preparation and strengthening works before the installation of facade system. This condition excludes the overloading of foundation structure, that will allow to use thermal panels for decorating the walls of more than 70 meters high.
  • Easy installation. Provided by the absence of any preparations before the installation of decorative elements. Mounting of the panels is carried out with the help of special rails and simple tools.
  • Installation in any season of the year. Thermal panels for facades are very quick to install and they do not require any special equipment or certain temperature conditions.
  • High aesthetic properties. The significant appearance of the building remains for many years and it will always make the owner glad. Besides, decoration of buildings with this material can significantly increase their market value, while giving them more solid and attractive look.
  • Environmental friendliness. The basis of thermal panels is rigid polyurethane foam. It is a non-toxic material, that does not pollute the atmosphere with harmful substances. It is completely safe for people. The front layer of the panel is done from a composite material and particles of mineral materials. They are also harmless for people's health and life. 

About us

A desirable solidity and minimal water absorption lead our decorative panels to the high level of frost resistance, durability and absence of other problems, caused by moisture influence. Furthermore, the original material is resistant to the influence of many aggressive substances. These properties allow to use thermal panels not only for various decorations indoors, but also for the external decoration, facade cladding, upgrading of industrial buildings. The whole period of operation of this material is accompanied by preserving its original look and characteristics.

Thermal panels are produced on modern automatic equipment. For their production there are used the latest technologies and high quality raw materials from Europe. The materials used for the production of panels have the required quality certificates from their manufacturers.

Our company can offer a full range of services relating to cladding works on facades. We will provide our customer with the right calculation of the number of thermal panels, necessary for work; recomendations on the selection of parameters of heat insulation layer from polyurethane foam; recomendations on peculiarities and details of installation. In addition, if necessary, our company will be able to carry out the installation of thermal panels at customer's side. 

We offer you to download a small presentation about our thermal panels.

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